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Flavors of the Ibérico

Flavors of the Ibérico

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Jabugo´s Ibérico ham is a unique product, which can only be fully enjoyed when you get to understand and appreciate its production process, meet the people who work on it day by day and admire the natural environment where the pig is born and raised. And, then, discover its best kept secret: the love for things well done.

Ruta del Jabugo, Agencia de viajes receptiva

Ruta del Jabugo


Product Description

We have selected Posada Finca La Fonda as the ideal accommodation in Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche Natural Park. The Posada is a Superior Category rural house dominating a natural lookout in the village of Alájar, a place where you come to understand that silence is also part of life´s soundtrack.

In Aracena we will visit the Museo Del Jamón (Ham Museum) and one of the Sierra great treasures, concealed in a cave, the Gruta de las Maravillas, a touristic icon of the area celebrating its 100 years of public display.

Next, we will savor a placid meal at Restaurante Montecruz, where Ibérico Flavors are cherished and preserved. Manolo –the chef– masters a creative traditional cuisine based on the produce of the Sierra, using Passion as primary ingredient. The result is a delicate gastronomic experience in every bite.

To learn about the production process we will lean on Jamones Eíriz, a landmark in the Ibérico industry with over two hundred years of history, located in the village of Corteconcepción. With them we enter the Ibérico dimension. In the dehesa we get to appreciate in detail the natural habitat where the Iberian pig grazes, we value the groves and the water, and we familiarize with terms like montanera, arrobas and quintales, and with the life of the Porquero, the person who takes a very exclusive care of the pigs.

Hams and other ibérico meats are treated in natural processing facilities that will take you to a different time, when Patience was the sure path to success. We taste these delicacies in the main hall of the family house, a space full of memories and life lessons. The Eírizs blend experience and human touch to explain the right way to palate Jabugo´s ham.

Luismi will be our guide in the cooking workshop. With him we will talk about life while we work on the Sierra´s rich fruits, with the pig and its products at the center. We are now at Los Arrieros restaurant, in the village of Linares de la Sierra, a rural gem where the magic of past times remains intact. At Los Arrieros, Luismi and Adela have become referents of an emotion-filled cuisine.


Flavors of the Ibérico is a three-day living lesson, with activities spread through two of the days.


Minimum 2 people, 20 max. (cooking workshop is limited to 8).


Lodging, breakfast and something else for two nights at Finca la Fronda www.fincalafronda.com
Visit to Museo del Jamón www.aracena.es
Visit to Gruta de las Maravillas www.aracena.es
Meal at Restaurante Montecruz www.restaurantemontecruz.com
Visit to Jamones Eíriz factory and facilities www.jamoneseiriz.es
Cooking workshop at Restaurante Arrieros http://www.arrieros.net/


415 €/person

All partners are certified and audited by Ruta del Jabugo


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